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Scott's Story

Scott Carter was a 13-year old boy who died in December 1993 after a courageous three-year battle with bone cancer. During the duration of his illness, he put together a remarkable collection of sports and celebrity memorabilia which he called “Scott Carter’s Heroes”. His dream was to display the collection for the enjoyment of the public and to raise money for children’s cancer research. The HEROES collection contains over 300 items including jerseys, balls, bats, boxing gloves and hockey sticks from Barry Sanders, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Wayne Gretzky, Nancy Kerrigan, Muhammad Ali, Richard Petty, Garth Brooks, Shannon Miller, McLean Stevenson, Norman Swartzkoph, Tiger Woods and more. A Large portion of the collection is currently on display at Walt Disney World’s Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Fla.



Scott believed that if enough time, energy and money were devoted to children’s cancer research, a cure could be found for this dreaded disease, the number one disease killer of children today in the United States. The Scott Carter Foundation was formed to raise money to further Scott’s dream of finding that cure! The foundation is supported through private donations and a variety of fund raisers including an annual golf tournament in Tulsa, Oklahoma, funds raised on the campus of Duke University by the Duke University Improv troupe, a 5K fun run held in Washington D.C. each spring and numerous other smaller ventures.


Because the Scott Carter Foundation is operated out of the Carter’s home by volunteers, almost all money raised goes toward funding research projects. A local committee including several physicians and headed by Scott’s grandfather, Dr. Paul Compton, help us to evaluate where our money goes. For the most part, over the past ten years we have chosen to fund “fellowships” for young but promising physicians through the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. To learn about the Scott Carter Fellows in Childhood Cancer program, click here.


Scott & His Heros (Click to enlarge)


Scott Quotes:

"We just didn't have enough research done to have the medicine she needed to save her life."

- Scott Carter

re. his friend Addye

who died of pediatric cancer

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