We have funded twelve two-year fellowships over the last 15 years to young doctors across the nation.



Scott Carter Fellows in Childhood Cancer


M. Fatih Okcu, M.D.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Houston, Texas


Charles Keller, M.D.

University of Utah

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Salt Lake City, Utah


Terzah M. Horton, M.D.,

Ph.D. Texas Children’s Hospital

Houston, Texas


Angela Dawn Trobaugh-Lotrario, M.D.

Children’s Hospital of Denver

Denver, Colorado


Rajeev Vibhakar, M.D.,

Ph. D. Univeristy of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

Iowa,City, Iowa


Megan E. Burke, M.D.

Duke University Medical Center &

Duke University Children’s Hospital

Durham, North Carolina


Corrine Linardic, M.D.,

Ph. D. Duke University Medical Center

Durham, North Carolina


Douglas K. Graham, M.D.,

Ph. D. University of Colorado at

Denver Health Science Center

Denver, Colorado

Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, M.D.

Stanford University Medical School

Stanford, California


Steven DuBois, M.D.

UCSF Children’s Hospital

San Francisco, California


Koichi Nishijo, M.D.,

Ph. D. Greehey Children’s Cancer

Research Institute

San Antonio, Texas


Jinu Abraham, M.D.,

Ph. D. Oregon Health & Science University

Portland, Oregon


Nicolle E. Hofmann, PhD

Scott Carter Fellow 2009-2011


Guangheng Li, MD, PhD

Scott Carter Fellow 2011-2012

First Affiliated Hospital,

ZhengZhou University


Lara E. Davis, MD

Scott Carter Fellow 2012

Oregon Health & Science University


Noah E. Berlow, B.S.

Scott Carter Fellow 2013

Oregon Health & Science University

Texas Tech University




Other Projects


In addition to the two-year fellowships, The Scott Carter Foundation has contributed to a number of worthy projects that are working towards the common goal of curing childhood cancer. These projects include: The largest bone marrow registry to date in Tulsa, Oklahoma through the Red Cross organization.The funding of a SKYlab project.The purchase of a specialized microscope in Omaha, Nebraska.Contributions to Project Woman (a project that pays for mammograms for those who need them, but can’t afford them).Camp OK Corral (children’s cancer camp provided through the American Cancer Society).Active participation in the American Cancer Society’s “Coaches vs. Cancer” program in many states.

Scott Quotes:

"Don't wear a hat.  When people see you're bald, they give you free stuff."

- Scott Carter

to newly diagnosed cancer kids

Scott & Michael Jordan