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Aug 11

From time to time we would like to provide you with updates on where Scott Carter Foundation fellows are now and what they are doing professionally.  I am pleased to be able to update you on our very first SCF fellow, M. Fatih Okcu, M.D.  Here is an update from Dr. Okcu in his very own words:

Since 2002 I have been working at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children’s Cancer Center. In about 60-70% of my time I treat children and adolescents with brain and soft tissue tumors. In the rest of my time I conduct research to discover genetic markers to help us identify patients who might benefit from standard therapy and who would experience severe and permanent side effects after therapy. In one study we found that brain tumor patients who had gene variants for the enzymes that cleared free radicals (Glutathione s-Transferases) had more often and early cognitive impairment after brain radiation. These studies are still ongoing. My long term goal is to identify gene variants that we can use to develop some interventions to protect patients from side effects of therapy.